We know that February is not an ideal time to set up a shop of winter accessories. Even if it’s twenty degrees and the snow is flying, with March almost a week away, no one is thinking of sprucing up their winter wardrobe.  Although the timing is less than ideal, we still needed to jump right in, that being said this slow time is giving us a chance to flex our creative muscles so to speak.  Not only are we thinking ahead to adding some more spring friendly items, it’s giving us a chance to design and plan ahead for next season too.

This week we’re working on a pattern/book review of Celebrity Slouchy Beanies and we’re trying to find ways to work some adorable buttons Amy found into some future projects.  (Any suggestions?) We also have some new items to add the shop if only we could force the weather to cooperate with our schedules, don’t be surprised if an umbrella happens to be a prop for our next photos! 


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